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Our mission is simple: to equip you with the most comprehensive, accessible, and spiritually enriching study tool available today.

Bible Toolbox isn't just a resource; it's a labor of love and faith.

We've blended the timeless truths of scripture with the fast reference and research power of the latest in AI technology. Our goal is to open up the riches of the Bible in ways that speak to the heart, challenge the mind, and feed the soul.

A Conversation With Keith & CJ

Meet the Creators

CJ McDaniel

CJ McDaniel is the owner of several software companies that have helped over 300,000 authors and 50,000 pastors streamline their lives by simplifying their most time-consuming tasks. He has a passion for using technology to grow the body of Christ and encourage spiritual growth and discipleship in the lives of believers.

Keith Ferrin

Keith Ferrin is an author, speaker, and word-for-word biblical storyteller and is well-known on YouTube as Your Bible Coach. He has recorded videos, written books, launched courses, and spoken at over 1,000 live events. And he has ONE GOAL... to help individuals, families, and entire church communities learn to read, study and ENJOY God's Word.