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Bible Toolbox is the only fully featured AI written with the center focus being on scripture and the awe and wonder of God!

Bible Toolbox is Built For Any Scripture Study Task that comes your way:

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Easy in-depth Study Topical Research

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Bible Toolbox is a powerful Bible study tool that uses AI to instantly draw out powerful concepts from scripture that you would never have unearthed on your own. Dive deep into the Word with sophisticated algorithms that illuminate hidden layers of meaning, context, and connection.

Beyond simple verse lookup, Bible Toolbox bridges ancient wisdom with modern technology, providing insights that enrich your understanding and application of the scriptures. 

Whether you're a family doing devotions or a seasoned theologian, embrace a revitalized approach to Bible study, and uncover divine truths with clarity and depth. With Bible Toolbox, every scripture becomes a gateway to profound revelations.

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Bible Toolbox IN ACTION 

Finally CONSISTENT Family Devotions!

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Have you ever struggled to be consistent with family devotions? Bible Toolbox helps you carve out meaningful discipleship moments with your family. Harnessing the power of advanced technology and insightful scriptural resources, Bible Toolbox is your number one ally in your family's spiritual growth.

Whether it's finding relevant scriptures for discussions using interactive lessons that resonate with all age groups, our platform ensures that consistency becomes second nature. Dive into a reservoir of daily devotions and lessons, discussion guides, and reflection questions tailored to foster deeper connections and understanding. Bible Toolbox helps strengthen your family through the Word.

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Personalized Bible Reading
and Study Plans

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Whether you are looking for a Bible reading or study plan for yourself or for a church or small group, Bible Toolbox creates customizable experiences tailored to your unique needs. 

Create general reading plans, or study plans that unlock scripture and bring you closer to God.

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Full Character &
 Book Author Studies

Whether diving into a character's life in the Bible or researching information about the author of a specific book, Bible Toolbox offers an unparalleled Character Study feature.

Harnessing the power of AI, this tool provides comprehensive profiles, shedding light on historical backgrounds, relationships, key events, and the progression of each character's journey. It meticulously collates data, drawing connections between scriptures, offering a holistic view often missed in traditional study methods.

Moreover, for those keen on understanding the minds behind the books, detailed insights into the authors' contexts, writing styles, and influences are just a click away. With Bible Toolbox's Character Study, immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of biblical narratives and deepen your connection with the stories and figures that have shaped faith for millennia.

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Unlimited Scripture

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Generate new and exciting prayer guides that leave you feeling spiritually rejuvenated and deeply connected with the Divine. Bible Toolbox creates scripture-specific prayer guides tailored to the verses you are studying. Rooted in scripture and steeped in centuries of devotional wisdom, these guides offer a transformative prayer experience, bridging the gap between timeless truths and contemporary challenges.

With the Bible Toolbox by your side, elevate your prayer life to new dimensions of depth, reflection, and intimacy with the Creator.

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Streamline Sermon Prep & Research

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Elevate your sermon preparation with Bible Toolbox's cutting-edge Sermon Prep features. We understand the challenges faced by today's spiritual leaders in crafting messages that are both deeply rooted in Scripture and relevant to their audience. Our platform streamlines this process by helping to structure your message for maximum impact. Dive into a rich database of sermon illustrations and analogies that breathe life into biblical truths, making them vivid, relatable, and memorable for your congregation.

Bible Toolbox combines age-old wisdom with modern innovation, ensuring your sermons resonate, inspire, and transform. Equip yourself with tools that not only simplify sermon creation but amplify its reach and depth.

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Save Time Creating Resources for Your Church

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Elevate your church operations with our cutting-edge "Church Help" tools, designed specifically for pastors and church staff. We understand the intricate demands of church management, and that's why we've curated a suite of tools to streamline every facet of your ministry. From crafting compelling announcements that resonate with your congregation to curating uplifting worship set lists, Church Help has got you covered.

Dive into meticulously crafted job descriptions to attract the right talents, and create enticing event descriptions that captivate and engage your community. With Bible Toolbox, empower your ministry with resources that not only save time but also amplify the impact of every church activity. Unleash the potential of your ministry with tools tailored for the modern church, all at your fingertips.

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Quick Social Media for all Your Church Posts and Events

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Connecting with your congregation extends beyond the church doors – and it thrives on social media. But, crafting the perfect post can be challenging. Enter Bible Toolbox: your essential partner for creating impactful social media content for your church.

Whether it's a thought-provoking verse, an uplifting message, or an event announcement, Bible Toolbox ensures your church's digital presence is both profound and relatable. Amplify your church's voice online and foster a vibrant virtual community with Bible Toolbox.

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Unlock Bible ToolBox For You
& Your Staff

Your Church License Comes With Multiple accounts!

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When you purchase the Church License, you're not just securing singular access; you're unlocking a bundle of four dedicated accounts. This allows you to distribute these accounts among your church staff, be it pastoral leaders, ministry coordinators, or communication teams. By doing so, each user can harness the full potential of Bible Toolbox, from deep scriptural dives to administrative aids.

With the Church License of Bible Toolbox, you're not just investing in a tool – you're empowering your entire team for success.

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Perfect Sunday School Lessons For any Age Group

Have you ever needed help creating a quality lesson for a Sunday School class? With Bible Toolbox, those days of uncertainty and last-minute preparations are over. Designed for educators and spiritual leaders like you, our platform offers a vast array of resources, from scripture-based lesson plans to engaging activity ideas tailored for diverse age groups.

Whether you're teaching young children, teenagers, or adults, Bible Toolbox provides in-depth insights, interactive materials, and a seamless user experience to make every lesson impactful and memorable. Dive into a reservoir of biblical knowledge, and empower your Sunday School class with lessons that not only inform but also inspire. Let Bible Toolbox be your trusted partner in delivering transformative spiritual education every Sunday.

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Meet the Creators

CJ McDaniel

CJ McDaniel is the owner of several software companies that have helped over 300,000 authors and 50,000 pastors streamline their lives by simplifying their most time-consuming tasks. He has a passion for using technology to grow the body of Christ and encourage spiritual growth and discipleship in the lives of believers.

Keith Ferrin

Keith Ferrin is an author, speaker, and word-for-word biblical storyteller and is well-known on YouTube as Your Bible Coach. He has recorded videos, written books, launched courses, and spoken at over 1,000 live events. And he has ONE GOAL... to help individuals, families, and entire church communities learn to read, study and ENJOY God's Word.

A Conversation With Keith & CJ

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What  People  Are  Saying  About  Bible ToolBox...

I am an Elder in our church and have led Bible Studies for years. I have used Bible Toolbox to research and present background information on Bible books or passages we will be studying. For instance, when we started our study of the book of Galatians, I asked Bible Toolbox to prepare a paper on why Paul wrote the book, when he wrote it, who the Galatians were, what the main themes of the book are, and where in the book those themes are found. I very much like the way the software guides you into the type of response you are expecting depending on the purpose of the research. I am 73 years old, and there is still something magic to me about pushing a button and having all that valuable information scroll onto the screen right in front of your eyes!!!

Wendell Johnson

 Board Chaiir and Elder, Island Baptist Church

I have been using Bible Toolbox for a couple of weeks and find it helpful. The best thing about it is that I can choose my preferred Bible translation for any content it creates. I have used the church help tool to draft emails, create event names, and write announcement scripts.

This tool has been a game changer for me and has become an incredible resource.

 I appreciate the ease of use and how the AI-powered prompt gives me ideas based on the direction I give it. It's pretty cool to use for brainstorming or creating an outline for my next sermon.

Charles Vincent

Bible Toolbox takes my Bible research beyond the limitations of word studies. For instance, I wanted to know which Psalms are related to Absalom's rebellion. My Bible software only identified Psalm 3 because Absalom's name appears in the heading, but Bible Toolbox turned up five additional possibilities. Bible Toolbox included reasons why scholars are more or less likely to associate these additional Psalms with Absalom's rebellion. Having these reasons let me decide for myself whether or not to make the association. Without Bible Toolbox I would have missed at least two other Psalms that are strongly connected to Absalom by particular details that a word study alone cannot detect.

Ken Anema

Bible instructor for Divine Hope which
provides discipleship training to prison inmates

BibleToolbox is a great Bible study tool for individual study and preparing for teaching. I love doing character studies and word studies and having them so organized. This makes researching scripture easy without taking away from application. In fact, it can help you see things from a different perspective.

Jill Jones

Small Group Leader

I find the Bible Toolbox useful for helping to quickly put together Bible studies on chapters of the Bible.

I recently used it to do a study on the book of Romans. I love how you can tweak it to best fit the audience you'll be presenting to.

Andrew H.

I really had a hard time convincing my wife that BibleToolbox was worth it. We barely make it paycheck to paycheck. However, when I assured her that I'd looked into it, prayed about it, and would sell some of my old prized possessions to try it, she was convinced that I was serious and agreed. I started seeing what it could do, and was quite impressed. Soon after, I was given a quite random opportunity to preach at a local church for the upcoming Sunday. Without much time to prepare and with a 40 minute Bible class and two 30 minute sermons to write, I amazingly wasn't very concerned at all. Had I gone insane? No, nothing of the sort! I'd seen what BibleToolbox's sophisticated AI software could do. I put some notes into BibleToolbox, and after only minimal tweaking, I had a Sunday's worth of engaging material that aligned strictly with the truth of God's word.

The truly remarkable thing happened when I got back to my car after a long fulfilling day of teaching and preaching God's word, I opened the envelope containing my check for the day and almost cried. It was exactly $3 more than what I paid for Bible Toolbox! Thanks to that purchase, I was able to use BibleToolbox, and I'll never look back! I haven't even scratched the surface of the potential of this ever growing software, and it already paid for itself! God is good! And let me tell you BibleToolbox works!

Jonathan Powell

Benevolence Deacon, and occasional fill-in preacher

Our ministry has themes for each month. Running a non-profit with a small team means we each have to be as efficient with our time as possible. I type each of our monthly themes into the Bible Tool Box and receive back prayers, lessons, reading plans, devotionals, etc. It is extremely easy to convert this content into social media posts, blog posts, podcast scripts, and more. This is a great tool to maximize your time and resources while creating captivating content.

Denisha Workizer

Founder, President
Reclaimed Story

I have been using Bible Toolbox to lead discussions with my women's small group, and it's been wonderful. The comprehensive resources have allowed us to dive deeper into scripture, bringing fresh perspectives and understandings that have enriched our discussions immeasurably. The tailored lessons and historical insights have particularly resonated, sparking vibrant conversations and deeper connections among group members. Beyond just a study tool, Bible Toolbox has become an essential companion in our spiritual journey, fostering growth, and a renewed passion for the Word. 

Phyllis Cunningham

Small Group Leader

I have been using Bible Toolbox for family devotions and it has been a game-changer. Not only has it enriched our understanding of scriptures, but it also provides thought-provoking questions and insights that lead to meaningful discussions. Our family bonding has reached new depths, and the tailored lessons resonate with both my younger children and teenagers. The historical context and linguistic breakdowns have sparked curiosity and a genuine interest in the Bible. I'm grateful for how Bible Toolbox has reinvigorated our family's spiritual journey.

Charity Ann

Mother of 4

What's the Difference?  Feature Comparison Chart

If you are a pastor you might be wondering what the difference in the Regular Bible Toolbox and the Church License. Below is a conveniant chart to  highlight the differences in our Regular SIngle User License and Our Pastor/Church License.


Single User

Church License

Bible Study & Research Tools

Bible Reading & Study Plans

Scripture Prayer Guides

Character & Author Studies

Sermon Prep

Sermon Illustration & Analogy  Builder

Church Resource Creator

Church Social Media Creator

Multi User License




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Bible toolbox


Where is the information coming from?

Bible Toolbox sources its content from a diverse range of reputable and scholarly sources, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable foundation for your studies. Coupled with that, it employs its own proprietary algorithms to sift through, analyze, and present the most relevant information tailored to your needs. This unique blend of traditional knowledge and cutting-edge technology ensures that every search, study, or exploration you undertake is both profound and insightful. With Bible Toolbox, you're not just accessing information; you're experiencing a new frontier of biblical understanding. 

What is Your Refund Policy?

Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee fully protects you. If you don't find value in using Bible Toolbox over the next 30 days, just let us know, and we'll send you a prompt refund.


HOW Much Content/ credits do i get?

How much content/credits do I get? With your Bible Toolbox account, you get unlimited access to a vast library of resources, translations, commentaries, and study tools. There's no cap on the number of searches, readings, or lessons you can undertake.

Every feature, from deep theological insights to linguistic breakdowns, is available at your fingertips 24/7, ensuring that your study and exploration of scripture remain uninterrupted and fulfilling. Dive into the depths of the Word without any limitations!

What Else Can Bible Toolbox Do?

What all can BibleToolbox do? Bible Toolbox can assist with any aspect of your scripture study journey. Whether you're delving into deep theological concepts, seeking historical context, exploring the original biblical languages, or simply looking for guidance during personal devotions, this tool is designed to cater to all your needs. From beginners to seasoned scholars, Bible Toolbox offers features that enhance understanding, encourage exploration, and inspire a deeper connection to the Word. If you don't see a specific feature when using Bible Toolbox you can use are power editor to ask any question or do any type of study.


Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like our amazing software, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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Bible Toolbox Is Built For Any Scripture Study Task That Comes Your Way:

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